Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hello Again!

Many folks have been asking about the personalities of each of our five kiddos.  I've included some videos below to show you how these sweet babies are interacting with each other and us.

Clara and Luke talk to each other during tummy time.

Luke talks to Jess, one of the au pairs.

Millie LOVES her "screen time."  Here she is watching Swedish cartoons with Jess.
Millie and Clara wake up from their naps and chat with each other.

Izzy and Millie hang out together in Jess' bed.

Another fun event came this month.  Our dear friend and wedding photographer, Jack Looney, came to take family photos for us.  I had such a wonderful time designing the outfits for the quints to wear. A major thanks to Elizabeth Culpepper and Cotton Blossom Embroidery for the adorable ensembles.  

Ava, Clara, Millie, Luke, and Izzy

Ava, Clara, Millie, and Izzy.  I love Millie's thumbs up in this photo!

Our sweet (oversized) nursery

Ava, Clara, Millie, Luke, and Izzy

Isabelle loves her Daddy time

Millie snuggles Mom

In other news, Clara went to church!  We loved dressing her in some of the outfits my sister's daughter, Emma Kate, has worn in the past.

Clara can certainly rock a bonnet!

Finally, as we all relaxed on Easter Sunday after a wonderful Easter meal prepared by yours truly, Ava and Clara enjoyed some sister time.  

Ava and Clara

Michael and I spent some time basking in the joy known as Isabelle Frances Baudinet.

I also managed to escape to the Homestead for a little mom's weekend.  My very good friend Carla went with me.  We enjoyed lattes in bed, lots of sleep, trash TV, adult coloring books, and great company.  I'm so thankful to all of those that helped with the kiddos (esp. Michaels sister, Bridget)  during my absence.
That's all for now!  Our four month doctor's appointment went just fine.  Most of the kiddos are approaching 13 pounds with sweet little Ava following behind at 11 pounds.    Happy Spring!

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