Saturday, May 11, 2019

What's New?

Hello Everyone!

I have been struggling to blog lately.  Things are just moving so quickly--it's hard for me to step back and breathe.  But, that's exactly what I need, so thanks for holding me accountable.  This is as good for me as it is interesting to you (well, hopefully).

A lot of folks ask me, so how do you do it?  How do you just get through the day?  Well, as my mama would we say, "We make a plan and we work the plan."  Yes, my husband works outside the home every day and yes, I work outside the home at least three, if not four, days a week.  So we need to make the most of our free time.

Every Saturday, I plan what the kids will eat for both lunch and dinner for the upcoming week.  I also make a list of the special tasks that need to get done every day.  Granted, there are some chores that have to get done no matter what (diaper pails, replenish diapers on the changing table, laundry, dish washing, etc).  Then, if the kids are going out of the house at all for the upcoming week, I pick out clothes/accessories and re-stock the diaper bag.

I also meal plan for the adults.  I use an app called Plan to Eat, which has been a total time saver.  I grocery shop online and do online pick up on the same day I do CostCo so I can reorganize the refrigerator all on the same day.

Grocery totals as of late?  I'd guess 5-6 gallons of milk each week; 1 gallon of apple juice; 120-150 diapers a week; at least one box of cereal and probably a CostCo bag of chicken nuggets and a box-full of yogurt.  These kids may have been preemies, but boy do they EAT.  Breakfast at 8 am; snack at 9:30; lunch at 11:00; nap from 12-2; snack at 3:00; dinner at 5:00; bedtime at 7.

Snack Time

In other news, we said goodbye to our Swedish au pair.  We'll never forget all that she did for our family and the friendship and love she brought to our home.  I definitely cried when I took her to the airport--these women are my both my friends and family.  

We welcomed a new au pair in March, named Jessie.  Jessie is a trauma nurse from Thailand (wow, I agree).  She is so kind and giving--she makes me feel special and supported.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am for her.  The kids absolutely adore her and tell me over and over again how "silly" Jessie is.  Clara also tells Jessie that she loves her.  

Luke loves his Jessie!

We also celebrated Easter a few weeks ago, right before Daddy's birthday.  These celebrations brought the kids' first experience with candy.  My obsession with smocked clothes still lives--and now the kids know exactly how delicious food really can be.

I think that's all for now.  I'm going to do some reflecting on Mother's Day.  I imagine I'll have more to write then.  

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