Friday, October 11, 2019

Gratitude Should be a Shorter Word

I know, I know....Oprah has already done a whole thing about gratitude.  And SO MANY others.  And then there was my guru of Brene Brown.  Brene, I love you.  Call me.

Anyway, I digress.

I found yoga about five years ago, and at the end of most of our practices, we raise our arms from the floor to the ceiling with our palms facing up.  Some of our teachers will say, "gather up all the things you're thankful for."  Usually, I'd roll me eyes behind my closed eyelids and get ready for whatever frenetic activity came next (I know, yoga student--FAIL).

But, for whatever reason, this week, it actually made sense.  I/We do have things to be grateful for.

But, today, I'm not really focused on the big things.  Yes, health, stability, love-all of those I'm thankful for (please, Jesus, don't take those away anytime soon).  But, for some reason this week, I just keep thinking about the little things that I am grateful for.  My therapist always says that things on "this side of heaven" will never be perfect---and she's totally right.  Things will never be perfect and there will totally be days that I want to hide in our guest room (what we call the "grandma room") under my fuzzy blanket and eat grilled cheese sandwiches.  Those days still happen--believe me.

But today, I want to remember things I'm grateful for:

I am grateful that when I ask Ava who her favorite person in the world is...she says, "AVA" with a giant gap-toothed grin. (Self love is a gift).

I am grateful that when I see my best friend she gives me the warmest hug the heals my soul on the spot.

I am grateful for the look of total shock on my husband's face when I jump out of the the closet and scare him (Yes, I do this often).

I am grateful for the smell of books.  Any and all books.  

I am grateful for the sound of my dad's laugh.

I am grateful for how golden the light becomes during the fall months in Virginia.

I am grateful when Millie walks up to me and says, "Mommy, do you want to wead (ie read)?"

I am grateful for the smell of mashed potatoes at my Gran's house.

I am grateful that my mom taught me what colors look pretty with my skin tone--some gals still don't understand this.   My mom is the master of color palettes.

I am grateful for ICEEs.  I could still drink one of these on a hot summer day.

I am grateful that my Mama never gives up on people she loves--ever.

I am grateful that whenever I'm out with my best friend she sings or dances along with any music (instrumental or otherwise).

I am grateful that my sister and I love to figure out what personalized license plates mean.

I am grateful that my dog Ellie sleeps next to me every night, making me feel extra warm and snuggly.

I am grateful that I usually feel good about myself when I leave my job (yes, I still feel tired--let's not forget about honesty).

I am grateful that when I walk in the door Izzy makes me feel like I am the only person on Earth.

I am grateful for DVR.  

I am grateful for rocking chairs on the porch.

I am grateful that when I'm on my morning walk I can turn my head at one particular moment and get the most beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I am grateful that when Luke is counting, he holds up both hands and all ten fingers when he gets to TEN.  

I am grateful that I am starting to love my body again.  

I am grateful that my Clara is brave enough to be herself.  


Last weekend, we went to the pumpkin patch.  I am so thankful for the joy I felt for this family God gave me.  I am thankful for the joy.  

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