Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Beach Trip!

Yes, we took the quints to the beach.  I know, you all think I'm nuts.  I am, in a a lot of ways, but when your brother in law gets married to a lovely lady, you pack up the quints and head to see the hitching!

Michael's brother Thomas married Thea in early August in Virginia Beach.  We've been planning all along to attend, and as the days grew near, I started to go into major planning mode.  Jess, one of our au pairs and I, strategized about which supplies would provide us the most use.  We brainstormed which toys would take up the least amount of space while providing the most entertainment.  We trained the kids on sleeping in the Pack 'N' Play; we drew diagrams of the car and how we would fit all of the supplies in the limited space we had.  Remember, we needed three Pack 'N' Plays, two swings, one Snoo, and two Rock 'N' Plays.  And that was just to sleep!  Then, we needed bottles, formula, solid food, lovies, clothes (play and dress), diapers, wipes, medicine, and the list goes on and on and on.  Well, my project management skills served me well (thank goodness for that class in grad school!) and the trip went off without a glitch.

Thea made a beautiful bride and we were honored to be there with her and her family.  We rented a house in Virginia Beach and welcomed any and all helping hands that could spare a few minutes from wedding festivities.  Michael participated in the wedding itself; the quints, au pairs and I joined for the reception.

The kiddos had a marvelous time!  I, on the other hand, desperately need a major nap.  Maybe a month's worth?
Millie, Isabelle, and Luke

Daddy Bear and Clara Bear

Mama and her Millie Magnet (always attached to Mama!)

KK and Luke are ready to hit the beach!

Ava's ready for fun in the sun!

Ava and Grandma

Luke, Chris, Brian, and Isabelle

Love this photo of Ava holding onto Aunt Bridget

Grandpa and Clara

Clara wearing one of Mom's old church dresses

Millie wearing one of Mom's old church dresses

Ava wearing one of Mom's old church dresses

Izzy wearing one of Mom's old church dresses

Luke all of a sudden looks like a little boy!

Grandma, Luke, and Millie

Merle and Ava

One big happy family!

The extended Baudinet family with the bride and groom

Michael's brother Brian and his soon to be bride Janelle.  Can't wait 'til next summer!

The five big Baudinet kids with the five little Baudinet kids (plus Grandma and Grandpa)

Mom and Millie Magnet

Luke is too cool for school

Our traveling circus--it's so nice to have big, strong uncles!

Chris and Isabelle are shocked that we have to go home!

Nothing like a floppy hat and friends

One of many family photos

Telling secrets

"Here, taste my finger.  Do you think that's sweet potato?  Or poop?"

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