Thursday, September 14, 2017

Au Pair Means Love

I know, I know..I don't speak French.  Au pair doesn't really mean love in English, but to me, it absolutely does.  I haven't mentioned Merle and Jess in a little while and I just wanted you guys to know how much I love them.  When we first considered the au pair program, I didn't know what to think.   A stranger comes into your home and sees you in your pajamas with no make up? On the first day?  That doesn't seem like something I'll like.  And what if they don't like my cooking?  What if they don't like the way Michael blows his nose?  What will we do?!!

Well, one of the privileges of having five kids at once is that you can't sweat the small stuff anymore.  Believe me, it's not an active choice.  I don't choose to let go of the small stuff.  I'm not that mindful or stress-free.  I just don't have time to sweat the small stuff anymore.  So, I let the au pairs see me in pajamas on the first day.  I didn't change the way I cooked.  I didn't worry how messy my house was.  I just opened my home--and my heart--and as Elsa would say, let it go.

And let me tell you.  I'm such an advocate for the au pair program.  These women are my family.  They know our moms very well.  They love our puppy.  And most importantly, they love our children.  And our children love them.  Luke has already learned to give kisses to Jess.  Clara's eyes light up as soon as Merle walks in the room.  

I love the traditions we've already established--Sunday night family pizza.  Monday nights watching the Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars.  We seem to finish each other sentences and laugh before the other has finished a joke.  I'm so honored these two women chose our family.  Here are some of my favorite au pair photos.

A little afternoon play time with Jess and Merle while Mom is at work.

Ava wouldn't sleep one night while Merle was on duty, so cue the silly face selfie time!

Ava and Merle

Millie and Jess

Luke and Jess 

Luke loves "his Jess"

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