Saturday, October 7, 2017


There are so many things that I'm discovering about motherhood. You moms who came before me, you keep really good secrets. You've made this whole mommy thing look easy.  Granted, my former dance teacher always said, "Only the best make it look easy," so, I guess you guys are the best.  Way to go!! You've got this whole mommy thing down pat. Maybe I will get the hang of this sooner rather than later?  One can only hope.

I've come to discover that MOM equates to CEO.  In my former life, I ran a small service based non-profit.  I currently manage a medium-sized college counseling practice.  Still, my title as MOM requires the most executive management skills that I possess.  And I'm sure this rings true in many households across the country.

As the mom, I am the chief executive officer.  I make HR decisions about who cares for my children and when. I make financial decisions in buying brand vs. generic groceries or medications. I make our monthly budget and do the budget/actual analysis. I make decisions on what the children should wear; what they eat and when they eat it; where they go and how long they stay; how long they sleep; where they sleep; in what attire they sleep.  I decide what the family eats every week.  I decide how we allocate leftovers and how we organize the refrigerator.  I plan family trips and the supplies to get us there.  I plan family holidays: decor, invitations, menu, house cleaning regimen, gifts, attire, etc.  And of course, I worry.  I worry about milestones. I worry about social skills.  I worry about sleep patterns.  I worry about the health of my little family.  I worry about those that I lead.

Moms, you understand this.  We make countless decisions every. single. dang. day.  We are asked countless questions--by our kids, by our mothers, our mothers in law, our childcare helpers, our coworkers, our bosses, and of course, who could forget perfect strangers in the grocery store.

What kind of baby food is best?
What sleeping philosophy do you follow?
Do you allow your baby to sleep with a lovie?  Why?
What will the children wear for their first birthday?
Have you lowered the cribs yet?
Have you baby-proofed your house yet?  You are SO close to crawling.

I tell you.  The questions.  They are everywhere.  I can't escape them.  And I realize, I probably won't escape for quite some time.  I guess I just need to face facts and take a deep breath.

As moms, we must be tactful, yet strategic.  Empathetic, yet firm.  Listening, yet advocating.  Thoughtful, but not overbearing.


There isn't one.   I know.  I know.  All of my wise friends say it's just about integrating the role of mom into the person you were before you had kids.  That sounds really good, but it's certainly not perfect in my life.  Mom takes up about 65% of my world, if not more.  The remaining 35% has to be squished into my role as a wife, the work that I love, my family, my yoga practice, and all the rest.

All of this to say, Mamas, you have life skills.  If and when you decide you want to re-enter or continue in the workforce, I believe in your skills.  You know how to manage and how to lead.  Mamas are a powerful force in this world that deserves to be celebrated and respected.  I know I have a new respect for the female race.

MOM=CEO, you betcha.  Bring it on, world.

Tupperware is the best thinking cap.

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