Thursday, October 19, 2017

Train of Thought

So, many of you know this.   A mom's brain never stops.  Ever. Here's a sample of my brain on a daily basis:

Wake Up

Oh mercy.  What time is it?  Is there a baby awake?
I'm exhausted.  What day is it?  
Why does it matter?  Weekends don't exist.
Ok, I'm up.  Let's do this.  It's 5:32 am and I've got at least 18 minutes before a kid wakes up.
I'll make dinner.
Wait, that laundry needs putting away.
Shoot, that lightbulb needs changing.  I'll change it on my way to the chest freezer.  And laundry.  I MUST. PUT. AWAY. THE. LAUNDRY.
Ok, lightbulb done.  Let's brown the meat for dinner while I put away baby bottles and prepare their breakfast.
Shoot the water cooler needs refilling.
I'll do that when I walk over to plug up my phone to charge.
Ok, phone charged, water cooler refilled and gracious, I forgot to pay the folks that help us with the kiddos.  I'll stop and do that while I go upstairs (I use my smart phone to pay bills).
Ok, upstairs and my face is clean and clothes on.  Gosh, I really need new tennis shoes.  I'm running these into the ground.
Oh well, another day.
Baby's awake.  And she stinks. Poop patrol!
And the meat is still on the stove top.  Ok, change diaper and drain meat.
Give baby puffs while I pour meat into casserole.
Did I put gas in the car?
What time do I need to leave for work?
Does my husband have enough leftovers from last night for lunch today?
Oh and he wants me to take his blazer to the dry cleaners.  I must remember.
I should sell some of our baby stuff on Facebook.  I'll add it to the list for tomorrow.
Shoot, two more babies awake.  No more thinking-must start feeding the masses.

Nap Time
Oh sweet goodness, they're all asleep.  
Today Show.  I need the Today Show.  At least the first seven minutes.
And coffee.  Ok, refill Keurig with water, wipe the counters while I wait for coffee and grab my computer to work on email while listening to the news.
Ah, yes.  I can do this.  This is amazing.
Ok, 18 new work emails and 4 personal.  Not bad for my busy season at work.
Wait, phone is ringing.  It's the early intervention folks.  They want to talk about the kiddos' routine.
Ok, if I'm going to be on the phone, I'll pause the Today Show and sweep while I talk.
Sweeping done, phone done. 
Today Show. 
Rewarm Coffee.
Email.  Must keep up with email.
Ok, that's done.  I've got 14 free minutes before babies wake.   I could organize family photos?  Prep the guest room for the guests this weekend?  Plan the menu for next week/order groceries online?  Ok, I'll do the menu and the groceries.  We have to eat.  What are we out of?  
Shoot.  We need more baby food.  We. ALWAYS need more baby food.  How are we going to afford this life?!!
I should call our financial planner.
While I'm up, I might as well sweep off the back deck.  It looks terrible.
Rewarm coffee.
And there's a baby awake.  
I can read her a book while I stretch my back.  No problem.
It's cold in here.  Kiddos need winter jackets.  
I'll run to the attic to get those before things get nuts.
Speaking of coats, I need one too.  But nothing fits like it used to.  I should really go shopping. Oh well.  Another day.
And now three babies are awake.  No more thinking.
Rewarm coffee.

Witching Hour/Bed Time
Oh gosh, are we done yet?
Why must every one of my babies insist on playing with the SAME toy?
Annnnd the meltdowns begin.  Ok, let's feed.
Clara ate.  She burped, right?  And Izzy ate, but no burp.  Luke has eaten and burped but needs to be changed.  
Millie hasn't eaten.  Ava is half way done but needs her bottle rewarmed.
Do we have enough PJs for tonight?  Are they warm enough?
I should run upstairs and turn on the heater.
And I should put dinner in the over to warm.
Do we need breadsticks?  Yes, I'll go get those out of the chest freezer and take out the garbage at the same time.
Ok, the babies have eaten.  They need new diapers and PJs.
I should do laundry tonight.  I'll go collect all of the laundry so that it's all in one place.
Clara just spit up on herself.  She needs new PJs.
Dad wants to read a book.  Go get one for him--gosh, think.  What's age appropriate?  Should it have a story line or just a touch and feel book? 
Have I practiced their "Mamas" and "Babas" enough with them today?  How much tummy time did they get?
Oh, the breadsticks.  Right.
Let's start putting babies to bed.
Don't forget Clara's paci and Izzy's blanket and book.
And Millie's penguin.  Oh it's in the dryer.  Hang on one sec.
And Luke--he needs a teether for bed.
And Ava should go down first because it takes her longer to settle.
I should set the table.
And restock diapers on the changing table.
And wine.  I need wine.  Soon.
Oh and the diaper pail is full.
I'll take that out on my way to take the breadsticks out of the oven.
Ok, babies are down and quiet.
Now I need to serve dinner. Is it warm enough? Well rounded?  Does everyone like it?  Do we have enough for leftovers for lunch?
Wine.  I need wine.
And I should shower?  Oh mercy I'm exhausted.
Wine.  Shower.  Bed.

And then I do it again, right?  Right.  This is the hardest job I've ever loved.


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