Saturday, June 20, 2020

Family Vacation

Quarantine has been hard.  Let's just say that aloud.  Five kiddos in one house with two people working full time--yeesh.  

So, we started thinking about how to relieve some of the pressure.  We wondered if we could escape to a nearby lake.  I've been missing my parents terribly, so we invited them to join us (since they've been quarantining too).  My amazing niece, Emma Kate joined them.

We found this home on VRBO:

Wow, right?  We couldn't afford to stay in this house, but the owners were amazingly generous and offered us a rate that made sense for our family.  Good people are still in this world.  The owners have been so responsive to our every need--I couldn't recommend this place more.  If you want a large lake home to rent--this one is for you!

Above and below are some photos from our trip.  Was it restful?  Not even. This is where I fight the anxiety monster (ie Satan).  He says, "You'll never feel rested again.  You never get a normal vacation.  You now have to go back to your life which is harder than this."

I try to tune out this exaggerating voice in my head and enjoy the children I have wanted for so long, but it's a challenge.  Because, well, I am tired (mentally and physically).  But, I tell myself that their ages are temporary and they won't always need me like this.  Still, the anxiety monster is real.  I just have to recognize him and tell myself that each day is a gift from God and God gives me the tools and the family/friends to help me through each day.  One day.  Daily bread.  That's what the Lord's prayer says.  So, that's what I try to think of (but often fail).

So, I may be going home a bit less refreshed than I hoped, but my heart is full.  Here are some more photos from our fun trip:

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