Sunday, May 23, 2021

What's On the Other Side of Fear?

 Good Morning!

I'm sorry I haven't written in quite some time, the spring was a busy busy time.  We bought a new house in one of the wildest markets I've ever experienced and sold our old beloved house.  Selling a house is so emotional, isn't it?  So many memories under one roof.  Both Michael and I had to personally say "goodbye" to that house--that's the house that comforted me during miscarriages, the place where I worked in the yard to find solace during infertility as I sang "Closer to Fine," the place where my mother and I belly-laughed as we decorated for Christmas, and the place where my friends gathered for my 30th birthday (yikes that was time ago).

Now, in 10 days, we move from our rental to a new house.  :Deeeeeeep breath: Can you imagine the STUFF that five kids and an au pair and two adults require?  It's alot.  And it's not easy to pack with five little bodies running around all. the. time. 

So, what do you do?  Send them to grandma's house and call in recruits!  Michael's mom has gracefully (and bravely) said she'd take the kids to her house while we move and my mom will come help us with the actual move.  Moms are amazing, aren't they?  They ALWAYS show up when needed.  

Grandma-Michael's mom

KK-my mom

But this week, I had a message for you guys that I wanted to share.  And it's about fear.  I've experienced quite a bit of fear lately.  Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of exhaustion, fear of financial instability--I could go on.

What I've discovered is that fear is meant to be an obstacle.  It's meant to hold us back and make us perform at less that our peak performance.  What I have learned this week is that pushing through that fear is what brings freedom.  Facing that fear, naming that fear, and doing whatever it is anyway--THAT is what frees you from the fear itself.  Several of my friends and family are dealing with cancer, death, loneliness, financial instability and many other scary, adult problems.  Some of these fears are so big that they seem hard to fathom.  My encouragement would be what my daddy and his mother would say, "Just wade through it."  Many of us are in a "wade through it" moments in our lives, but I know that much of that is characterized by fear.

Allow me to encourage you to name your fears--know what they are and instead of running from them, face them and try to step into them and know that freedom is just on the other side.  I believe bravery comes from God, just as the fruits of the spirit do.  We don't muster bravery on our own.  Heavens knows I don't.  I'm far from brave on my own.  God gave me a this spirit of bravery to share this with you today.  I hope you found it helpful.  Here are some updated pictures.  I can't believe how big our kiddos are getting!

Ava and Clara

Izzy and Clara


Izzy and Millie




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