Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Little Help

As we rounded the corner on spring of 2016, we decided that perhaps it was time to return to the doctor.  The reproductive endocrinologist suggested that we try fertility medication to improve our odds of getting pregnant.

We agreed (to the detriment of our bank account--yeesh!), thinking that when/if this failed, we would feel as if God was directing us to pursue adoption with our whole hearts.

After one failed cycle of hormones, we decided to try once more, though given the previous failed attempt, we didn't hold out much hope. Then, about 12 days after ovulation, I started to feel awful. I mean, really awful.  As in, I could barely go the grocery store because of all the mixed up smells.  

I called the doctor and said something like "I'm pretty sure the medications messed up my hormones because I feel awful."  She laughed and said to come in to do a test to be sure.  I told her there was no need.  I'd start my period any day now and it would clear.  She insisted I come in.  

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