Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Nursery

I've dreamt of decorating a nursery for so long.  In the past, I had kept my distance from baby stores because it hurt too badly to look at nursery items.  But, come 26 weeks, I realized it was time.

My parents and Michael's parents (along with some of my best friends in the world) offered to drive to our home in Virginia and decorate the nursery for us.  Remember, we're still in Arizona, so we have no way of decorating a nursery.  Probably should've thought of that before I left...whoopsie.  I blame Hepatitis A.  

So, I needed to decide how this would work.  Which room would we use?  Did we have a room that could hold all of the cribs? How many cribs would we start with?  What about bassinets? Did we want to repaint?  What about storage for all of this baby stuff?  

I started with a theme.  I wanted our nursery to be a lamb theme. We've always felt comforted by the idea that the Lord was our shepherd and he would lead us to a safe place.  We wanted our children to feel the same way.  The Lord is indeed our shepherd and we wanted to honor that in the nursery.  They are also associated with restfulness and sleep, so we hoped the babies might pick up on the hint (we can always hope). Not to mention, sheep/lambs are really, really cute. 

My fabulously creative (and world-class shopper) of a sister helped me pick out the items for the nursery.  Cribs, bedding, gliders, chests, changing tables, mobiles, you name it--we picked it.  I shipped it all to Virginia so that "the crew" would have it at their disposal when they arrived.

My favorite part of the nursery is the art.  My sister is a budding artist, and wow is she talented.  She painted angels to go over the beds of the children.  Each angel has its own color and personality.  We imagine our children will be just as distinctive as these paintings are.  I am so grateful to have the family that I do.  

A few nursery photos:

Grandmothers with the angel paintings
Angel paintings
Cute little lamb sheets

This gal, my sister in law, probably worked harder than anyone that weekend.  Bridget, we can't thank you enough!

And a few photos of the amazing friends who made all of this possible.  

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