Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gestation Time

The risks involved with having quints are plentiful--we've talked about that.

Still, the biggest challenge is pre-term labor.  Nationally, American quints are born on average around 27-28 weeks gestation.  At 26 weeks gestation, a preemie has about an 80% chance of survival, but an almost 50% chance of some sort of significant long-term physical or mental disability. At 28 weeks, these numbers improve to 90-95% survival with a 25% chance of long-term disability.  (The stats vary somewhat depending on the study, but they're all in the same ballpark.) These numbers continue to improve the further you go in pregnancy.

As a result, it is our goal to make it to 30 weeks - when the chances approach 90% that a preemie will be reasonably healthy long-term.  Dr. Elliott would love for us to make it to 34 weeks, but in my mind, I've told myself 30 weeks is a must. Anything else is bonus points.  Classic overachiever mindset--bonus points.  Maybe I'll even get a "good job" sticker and a sucker at the end of this?  Here's hoping.

So, here were are, present day of 29 weeks and 5 days.  So close to 30 weeks I can feel it; however, my blood pressure is not cooperating as much as we'd like for it to.  Just today at my appointment, my BP fluctuated between 150/90 and 140/85.  I was sent to the hospital for observation.  My BP is terrific as long as I'm lying down, but as soon as I sit or stand, it shoots back up. The doctors released me to go back to the apartment, but I doubt I be here much longer.  I'll go back to Labor and Delivery on Saturday for a check up, so we'll see if they admit me at that point.

Fingers crossed!

Yes, there are definitely five babies in there!

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