Thursday, November 17, 2016

Child Care/Au Pair Service

Once we reached 12 weeks, we realized we needed to start thinking about childcare. We both have jobs that we love, so it was clear we were going to need support as we enter this next stage of life. And both our families are a full day's drive away, so we just can't call them up to help on a moment's notice.

After talking to several moms and child care professionals, we settled on hiring an au pair (or two).  A good friend of mine's brother used a company called Cultural Care and they simply raved about this company.
I called Cultural Care and was amazed by the expertise and support available just on the introductory call.  After a few follow up calls with regional contacts, I knew this was the company for us.  These people understand how to match an au pair with a family; they help manage your expectations regarding the service; and they help you establish a timeline so that you can get the help you need in the time that you need it.  I only have one word regarding Cultural Care.  WOW.

We began to complete our "matching profile" and thus began the search for an au pair. The process of creating a matching profile was actually quite satisfying.  Parents write a letter to the potential new au pair and tell their "story."   This was cathartic for me, a way to express my fear/excitement during this stressful time.

In talking with our regional rep, we agreed that the quints would need two au pairs to really make this work.  While it is financially daunting, we all agreed that it made the most sense given our employment situation (and the idea of five infants at one time).

Thus began the "matching" process which includes Skype interviews and follow up emails/questions.  Several au pairs were a bit overwhelmed by the idea of quintuplets and quickly turned us down.  This was tough.  It felt a bit like asking someone to the prom and promptly getting turned down.  Granted, it wasn't like that (and Cultural Care warned us some au pairs wouldn't be prepared for this sort of challenge), but rejection is hard--anytime at any age.

After several interviews, we found our two angels--Merle and Jessica.  Merle is from Germany and Jessica is from Sweden. They both have such caring dispositions combined with love for Harry Potter and laughter.  We absolutely adore them.

The Cultural Care au pairs attend "au pair school" in New York before they arrive at our home.  We will provide a bedroom for each one of them along with a bathroom for them to share.  We also provide access to education (community college or four-year college) in which we will support them taking one class per semester.  The best thing about Cultural Care is that the au pairs are part of a local cohort.  They have gatherings with other au pairs in the area as they get to know their new city and family.  It seems like such a fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

If you are interested in au pair childcare, I recommend you contact our Childcare Consultant, Emily, directly. She will give you the exceptional service that our family received. Here is her website:

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