Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We made it to Arizona!  Hooray?

Michael, Ellie, and I first drove to Alabama (a cool 12-hour drive) to see my family before heading out west.  From Alabama, we drove to Dallas, Texas where we spent the night.  From Dallas, we drove to El Paso where we again spent the night.  From El Paso, we drove into Phoenix to our rental in neighboring Scottsdale.

Let's just say that whoever designed the interstates and associated rest stops in Texas did not have pregnant women in mind.  I've never had to use the restroom so bad in my life.  If any Texans are reading this, you should really petition for more rest stops.  It's quite insufficient.  
Pregnant lady coming through!

We arrived at our tiny apartment and I immediately felt overwhelmed.  To go from our beautiful home in Virginia to an 800 square foot apartment was going to be an adjustment.  Not to mention this place was furnished (which was nice), but it's never quite decorated to your taste, is it?  I missed my towels from home, my throw pillows (yes, I'm pregnant and hormonal), the smell of my dryer.  I missed it all.  I missed my friends.  My rocking chair on the porch.  I just wanted to go home.  I probably cried at least twice a day every day the first week.

Keep in mind, hardly anyone knew we had moved to Arizona. We told our very closest friends, pastors, and bosses. Otherwise, no one else knew we were here, so it wasn't like I could post some sappy message on Facebook and get a hundred supportive comments.  Nope.  Now was the time to buck up and make the best of this.  I didn't have the luxury of feeling sorry for myself.

Our first appointment with Dr. Elliott was the next day.  He was just as supportive and knowledgeable in person as he was over the phone.  We took a good look at the babes and he gave me some pointers for getting through the next few weeks.  Keep in mind that 24 weeks is "viability," as doctors call it.  That means if the babies are born before then, they will not survive.  Moreover, if the babies are born before then, doctors are under no obligation to save them.  No pressure on the mom carrying these bundles of joy.  Just keep your legs crossed, ok?  Sure.

Here are the kiddos at 18 weeks:

Baby A
Baby A in 3D
Baby B
Baby C
Baby D
Group Photo
Baby E

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